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Jijie Industrial Zone,Chashan

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The Dong guan Development Industry Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise, producing and selling fiber cotton and toys, manufacturing recycled plastic grains and selling plastic products and so on. The company takes efficient and recycling utilization as the core value, reducing emission and reuse and being resource as the principle, low consumption and emission and high efficiency as the basic characteristics. It is its core to improve utilization efficiency of resource; Circular Economy Mode is a kind of feedback cycle process, specifically, “resource – product – waster – renewable resource”, through which we can use resource and protect environment more effectively , obtain economic and social benefits as more as possible by using the least resource consumption and environment cost , thus we can make the material circulation between the economy system and the natural ecosystem more mutual harmonious and promote to reuse the recourses continuously. The company advocates new circular economy industries which just meet the country’s encouraged policy for development. The company has advanced equipment and solid technology, its product has good markets in China, America, Europe and Southeast Asia, winning trust and support of customers generally in these courtiers and regions.

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