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  • BTMS cas81646-13-1 btms 50 / PPD CAS106-50-3 alice@hbatun.co
  • 16648-44-5 Bmk-glycidate /pmk 13605-48-6/GBL Whatsapp: +0086
  • TCCA 87-90-1 /SDIC/PAC/PTSA for water treatment   alice@hbat
  • GBL cas96-48-0 /1,4-Butanediol CAS110-63-4  +86-15511141842/
  • Pyrrolidine cas123-75-1 alice@hbatun.com
  • cas 102-97-6 N-Isopropylbenzylamine  alice@hbatun.com
Hebei Atun Trading Co., Ltd as a manufacturer and supplier of Pharmaceutical Intermediates in China. We mainly produce high purity pharmaceutical intermediates for research and lab use with high efficiency and good repute.We promise to cooperate with our partners by providing fast and high-quality service.Our products are well sold in Italy, Canada, Australia, UK, USA and so on.We hope to have a cooperate with friends from all over the world.
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